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Gingham, February, 1999

Gingham Gingham from near death to a new life! Gingham seemed like a reasonably healthy yellow male when he arrived at the animal shelter, but a few days later a rescuer from F.A.I.R . (Foundation for Animals in Risk) found him literally on death row because he was having difficulty walking. Normally F.A.I.R. would have the funds to take a dog such as this to the vet, but they had recently rescued several other animals in need of medical treatment.

They quickly contacted LABMED requesting funds to take Gingham to the vet for diagnostics to determine what was impeding his ability to walk. Funds needed to be mobilized quickly because Gingham had only a few hours before a sympathetic shelter worker who had kept him safe would have no choice but to put him down. LABMED quickly voted to approve his application and a foster home took Gingham home the same evening.

Gingham was barely able to walk and very malnourished, but his experienced rescuers guessed that he was probably hit by a car and had only soft tissue damage which could heal quickly if given a chance. A trip to the vet for some tests indicated that their guess was right. Gingham was walking with only a slight limp within a few days and was rapidly gaining some much needed weight. Without emergency funds from LABMED and his determined, dedicated rescuers from F.A.I.R., this sweet yellow boy would have never gotten his second chance. He is now ready for a permanent loving home. If you would like to adopt Gingham, please contact F.A.I.R. in Tucson, Arizona.

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