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Griffey, December 2002


This handsome, 3 year old black male Lab was turned over to a vet clinic in Shrewsbury, MA, when his owners learned that he would need surgery for a tumor on his jaw. The outlook was very good for Griffey to make a complete recovery with surgery; however, a specialist would be needed to perform the complicated procedure.

Many wonderful Lab-lovers contributed to Griffey's care. The vet clinic provided much of Griffey's treatment at no cost, the specialist performed the surgery at a deep discount, and the local Lab rescue organization provided some funds also. LABMED and Labrador Life Line shared the remaining expenses to ensure that Griffey would have a good chance for a healthy future.

Griffey recovered well from the surgery, and will probably never miss the few teeth that were removed along with the tumor and a small portion of his jaw. The surgery certainly did not affect Griffey's reputation as a chow hound as his appetite was unaffected. During his recovery, Griffey amused everyone around him by learning to scoop up snow in his protective collar and toss it in the air! This big, beautiful energetic Lab will soon be ready to move on to a new forever home.

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