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Guiness, September 2002


At just 28 pounds and 6 months of age, this male black Lab puppy was found in a parking lot with nothing more than a rope around his neck. Poor Guiness!

His rescuer, from Orange, California, noticed that he was limping when she took him in. Despite the fliers, posters, and ads she placed, no one came forward with information on the puppy's origin.

After about a week, when Guiness started bleeding from the mouth, his rescuer took him to a veterinarian who suspected ingestion of rodent poison. Guiness was quickly moved to the Advanced Critical Care and Internal Medicine facility in Tustin, where further tests revealed that rather than rat poison exposure, the puppy was a Hemophiliac A, which is a more moderate form of this bleeding disease. What would that mean for Guiness? If he ever had surgery, he would first have to have a transfusion. Beyond that, a healthy diet and restricted exercise were recommended. With these precautions, Guiness could expect to have a good life.

His rescuer, a single Mom raising three children, had already spent a lot of money on Guiness. Although she knew she couldn't keep him, she was happy to foster him until the perfect home could be found. She noted that he would be an ideal dog for an older person and probably should not be in a home with children, where he would be running and jumping. With all the care he'd gotten, this housebroken young Lab with a "very, very good disposition" was well on his way to finding a forever home. These were all the right conditions for support from LABMED, which gladly paid a large portion of Guiness' medical fees.

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