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Gunnar2, February 2003


This is not a story about a blindfold, a blind spot, a blind tiger, blind worm, or even a blind pig. Instead it is the story of Gunnar, a one year old male black Lab weighing 70 lbs. A good Samaritan, who had been feeding the stray, brought Gunnar into a veterinarian office in Kansas City, Missouri. This sweet dispositioned Lab had very apparent injury to both eyes, most likely from buck shot wounds. Punctures and lacerations were present in both eyes.

After examination the vet could establish that Gunner had Bilateral Ocular Trauma. The right eye had been severely damaged and had ruptured. There were multiple punctures to skin around the left eye, conjunctival laceration, severe corneal edema, and possible uveitis. The prognosis for the eye was guarded, but for the dog's life the prognosis was excellent. None of the injuries was life threatening but, most likely, at best he will be blind in one eye; at worst, blind in both eyes. The vet could only recommend enucleation for the right eye but with surgery it was hoped to save the left eye.

The Lab rescue volunteer had been rescuing Labs for 20 years so was familiar with the work of LABMED. Luckily for Gunnar (now Gunther) LABMED stepped in quickly and helped fund the surgery to the right eye. To quote from the treating veterinarian: "This experience with you guys has truly renewed my heart. I can't believe how fast you guys work. I can sleep well tonight knowing he's going to make it."

And I'm sure Gunnar is sleeping well tonight also.

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