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Haley, February 2004

Haley's story as written by her rescuers:


Haley was discovered lying in a ditch full of water on the side of a country road. She had been hit by a vehicle, and left to fend for herself. She was found by a volunteer, and taken to a local veterinarian who x rayed her. Haley's pelvis was broken in 6 different places; her non-broken leg was severely mangled. Both veterinarians at that clinic advised us that her surgery would be extremely expensive. They both recommended euthanasia, which we did not want to consider as an option. Her situation was immediately broadcast to animal lovers on the internet.

Fortunately a volunteer with the Humane Society of Pulaski County got a copy of the email about Haley's injuries. She called and advised us to take Haley to a vet clinic in Little Rock. The vets there reviewed the X-rays and decided that they could do the surgery for less than the original estimates. Unfortunately infection had set in and she was also dehydrated. The veterinarian on duty decided that Haley needed surgery ASAP, and came to work the next day (which was his day off) and performed her surgery.

Ken and Mary, a wonderful couple who foster many injured animals in the area, opened their hearts and home to Haley. Mary is a registered nurse, and both have much experience with cases like these. They spent the first few days moving Haley onto and off of a stretcher a few times a day so that she could be carried outside to use the bathroom.

They wrote: "The vet had suggested crate rest. However, after her first night in a large metal crate we found it was difficult to care for and love on a big girl like Haley so we took her to our spare bedroom. We made a nice bed for her in front of a sliding glass door so she would have a view of outside. She has a TV and fish in an aquarium to watch also. We installed a baby gate so she wasn't behind a closed door. This allowed her to see our other three fosters and our dog, Lacy, a sweet yellow Lab female who has become quite fond of her.

When we are home the gate is removed and she likes coming to the kitchen to eat. We are, as usual, becoming quite attached to this girl. At her last visit to the vet we were told that the pelvis is healing but the pinned bone in her leg is not doing as well as he had expected. We believe and have faith that she will recover and someday soon will be back to normal.

Haley will probably have to go through another surgery, but thanks to LABMED, the beautiful girl's wounds are healing, her spirit is becoming brighter every day, and she is coming closer to living the life she was meant to live. Haley will be available for adoption soon. Thank you LABMED for being there."

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