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Hanna, December 2003


Hanna is a yellow Lab who is 4 years old. Hanna waited in a shelter located in Lake Charles, Louisiana for her owners to come and rescue her but they never showed up to claim sweet Hanna. Hanna's foster mom came along and brought her home. Hanna, like so may other abandoned Labs, tested positive for Heartworms. Hanna is one of the many Labs and Lab-mixes whose heartworm treatment was funded with help from LABMED.

Hanna is one of the lucky and thankful dogs who can look forward to a healthy life as long as his new owner gives him a heartworm preventative on a regular basis. Heartworm is spread to dogs by mosquito bites and is detected by a blood test. Prevention of heartworms is so easy, but the treatment is very hard on a dog. Heartworm preventatives such as HeartGuardR and ProHeartR kill the immature worms in a dog's blood and have little or no effect on the dog. Killing the adult worms is very hard on a dog, requiring hospitalization and four weeks of limited to no activity to prevent damage to the lungs as the adult heartworms die.

Please help us to educate dog owners about heartworm disease. Not everyone is aware of how life-threatening heartworms can be and how easy it is to prevent them. There are very few areas of the US where heartworm is not a threat to the health of dogs like Hanna for at least part of the year. Administering heartworm preventative on a regular basis is very an important part of responsible dog ownership!

Hanna is still looking for her forever home but has that chance because of the people who took the time to care about his quality of life. Hanna sends a big thank you to all who support LABMED!

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