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Helen, August, 1999

Helen Helen, the luckiest Labrador alive, is lucky to be alive! Hit by a car near Richmond, Virginia, Helen suffered a fractured leg and internal injuries. As the crowd gathered while her rescuer was pulling her out of the ditch, a woman walked up and said her boyfriend was the owner of this courageous chocolate lady. The rescuer tried to get some information from her, but the woman vanished. Helen was rushed to an emergency clinic in Richmond where she was treated for shock and stabilized. An unidentified caller phoned and asked for information on the injured chocolate lab, but would not come forward and claim her, so the rescuer took it upon herself to make sure Helen received all necessary treatment.

X-rays showed significant chest trauma and a severely fractured leg. Helen’s breathing rapidly improved and an appointment was made at the Virginia Tech Veterinary School for surgery on the leg, but not before she had wormed her way into the hearts of two veterinary technicians at the emergency clinic.

At this point, the rescuer was out of funds and turned to LABMED for help with the pinning and plating of the leg. We were pleased to be able to help. Surgery was successfully performed and Helen was ready to be released to her new adoptive home. But, all was not as rosy as it seemed. Helen suddenly deteriorated and was near death. There was nothing to do but emergency surgery to repair a diaphragmatic hernia.

Helen Thankfully Helen survived both surgeries and at last report is blossoming under the care of her new family, even doing what all Labs love, sleeping on the bed.

Helen, the luckiest Lab alive, is alive because of the concern of her rescuer and the financial and emotional support of LABMED.

Update: August, 2000
"Almost a year ago to the day you approved funding for Helen, a chocolate lab brought in to the VEC in Carytown Richmond Va, after being smushed by a car. Helen spent some time at Virginia Tech to be fixed up as much as possible and somehow ended up with us who treated her first. Helen is a delight, she is unfailingly kind and always up for a scratchie. She will never walk completely normally, not only was one of her hind legs pulverized but she has horrible hips to boot, but she is on a strict regimen of Adequan shots and Glucosamine capsules, she loves life, chasing the cats and going to the park. We found out that she is middle-aged, so even if she had not been hurt she would have been hard to place. We love her and so do those who meet her. She is a wonderful addition to the family, both human and animal, and we are very grateful for her. In the meantime we have been able to place two other needy labs, one pup (also hit by a car) and one older one (her owner died), both are doing great. We have also placed a mom (after spaying her) and her two pups (all strays) and a labmix dropped into our yard, with some trauma. All this because of Helen and the second chance you gave her. Thank you!"

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