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Hershey13, July 2004

Hershey13 is the July Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


Hershey was a male Chocolate Lab, whose owner didn't seem to worry about him running wild and free for his first 6 years of life. Hershey was no rookie to animal control. Although he made it back home his first 3 times being picked up, his 4th time proved critical. Hershey had been hit by a car and suffered from a dislocated hip.

After tracking down Hershey's owners, they relinquished him to the shelter to be euthanized, as they couldn't pay for his much needed surgery. The animal control officer wouldn't hear of putting Hershey to sleep, so the officer made a call to Labrador Rescuers in that area of California.

Once at the vet's, Hershey was stabilized and on much needed pain medication. He also suffered from an open wound on his head, which was stitched up. Hershey's hip had been dislocated too long to try and pop it back into the socket; therefore a joint reduction surgery was the only option to help Hershey. Hershey's good nature and sweet temperament never stopped throughout his unfortunate ordeal (neither did the "thumping of his tail"). He exhibited his true "Lab Spirit" no matter how painful his injury was. LABMED was pleased to be able to step up to the plate and provide the funding necessary for Hershey's surgery and saving his leg.


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