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Heryshey9, May 2003


How many young Labs who are running unattended on busy streets manage to escape being hit by a car? We will never know the answer, of course, but the odds are not in favor of the dog. Hershey was one of the unlucky ones who came off worst in an encounter with a car. His left front leg was broken and needed to be repaired surgically. When no one showed up to claim the young black male Lab, Hershey was rescued from a shelter by Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue and taken to a vet in Davis, CA, for the needed surgery.

Orthopedic surgery is expensive - in dogs as well as in humans - and CCLRR contacted LABMED and Labrador Life Line for help in paying for Hershey's treatment. We were happy to help provide a second chance for this sweet and gentle pup. Hershey is expected to make a good recovery and to eventually regain full use of his leg. Once he has recuperated from his surgery, Hershey will be ready to leave his foster home and find a new family of his own - and the next time Hershey strolls down a busy street he will be safely on the end of a leash!

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