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Honey2, January, 2002

The January "Buddy Arnold" dog


Honey, a yellow female about two years old, was found wandering along a Michigan highway one rainy November night. She had sustained a gunshot wound to her right foot resulting in several broken bones and soft tissue trauma. A rescuer took Honey to an emergency veterinarian who x-rayed and bandaged her foot, then gave her antibiotics, but Honey needed more extensive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon.

The orthopaedist casted Honey's foot immediately, with instructions to have the cast changed in two weeks. LABMED was contacted to help with the expenses. We had been told that Honey had displayed some aggression to other dogs and this concerned us. We debated whether or not Honey would be a good candidate for funding if she continued to show aggressive tendencies, but we also know that Honey's hard life before being rescued might have a bearing on her questionable behavior.

While we were debating Honey's behavioral issues, we began to receive messages from Honey's applicant saying that as Honey began to heal, her temperament began to improve. Even the vet treating her said that her tail never stopped wagging despite everything her treatment involved. LABMED decided to move ahead with funding.

Honey's foot healed completely and gradually she began to bear weight on it. Best of all, a possible home was found for her where there were no other dogs. Honey immediately took a liking to the potential adopter, placing her head on the woman's shoulder and almost purring!

Latest word is that Honey's new home is working out beautifully. Her owner's three grandchildren came to visit for Christmas and they and Honey fell in love with one another. Honey also went on a trip over the holidays with her new owner to southern Michigan and that was a success also. We are happy we decided to give Honey a second chance and that it worked out so well.

Honey2 is the first dog to be funded through the Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund. Read more about the fund here.


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