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Hunter6, March 2004

Hunter6 is the March Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog

Written with help by Hunter's rescuers:


Hunter is an energetic one-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever. He previously lived with a family that didn't spend much time with him. While trying to entertain himself by playing with a ball, he began chewing it, and accidentally swallowed the ball. The ball blocked his intestines making it impossible for him to eat.

Unfortunately his family waited five days to take him to a veterinarian and when they finally took him in, surgery was recommended. They told the vet to put him to sleep because it was cheaper than removing the ball surgically from his stomach.

A woman, who is now Hunter's new mom, happened to be in the right place, at the right time. She was in the vet clinic with her dog and waiting for her appointment. She heard about Hunter's problems and acted quickly, stepping in to offer to adopt him and pay for his expensive surgery. LABMED helped to defray some of his medical expenses.

Hunter's surgery was successful, and he seems to have made a full recovery. When he was adopted by his new family, his ribs were showing but now he looks sleek and healthy. He is happily living with his new family, which includes a canine brother and sister, two German Shepherds. He enjoys playing with the many toys that he shares with them. He has a very large, fenced-in yard, where he can run and play with the other dogs.

His mom said, "Hunter is a very intelligent dog. His previous family didn't take the time to train him. I'm sure that he'll do well in his beginners' dog obedience class. Then I hope that he will go to the next level of training, and work towards his CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) and therapy dog certification, like the other canines in my family who give emotional support to those they visit in hospitals, nursing homes and schools." In fact his new mom has already taught him to sit and stay before he has his meals and treats.

"Most importantly," said his mom, "Hunter is well and happy and has adjusted to his new family, who thinks he is TERRIFIC!"

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