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Iggy, January 2003


Iggy was rescued from a Riverton, UT, shelter by Summit County Friends of Animals. A new owner was quickly found to adopt this sweet 2 year old black male Lab, and Iggy was taken to a local vet for vaccinations and neutering. The vet felt that Iggy was too malnourished to withstand anesthesia at that time, and also discovered that Iggy had contracted kennel cough.

A few days later, Iggy took a turn for the worse. He began coughing severely and vomiting and was unable to keep down any food, water or medicine. Rushed to an emergency vet clinic in Salt Lake City, Iggy was given blood tests and x-rays to try to determine the cause of his illness. Now dehydrated, Iggy was hospitalized at the emergency clinic and treated with IV fluids and medications.

Iggy turned out to have a ferocious case of kennel cough, complicated by dehydration and a weakened immune system from the many parasites he had been harboring. After 12 days of loving care in his new home, Iggy had begun eating again and had started to gain some much-needed weight. LABMED was contacted for assistance with Iggy's medical bills, and we were glad to be able to help restore Iggy to health.

Iggy's legs were shaved when he was receiving IV fluids. When he returned to his new home in heavy snow country, Iggy wowed the neighborhood with his snazzy new legwarmers, raising canine fashion to new heights!

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