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Isabelle, February, 2002

IsabelleThis lovely 4 month old female Lab from North Carolina was rescued by a vet clinic employee. Isabelle's first owner had decided to turn her over to a shelter since Isabelle had a broken rear leg that required orthopedic surgery. Isabelle's rescuer applied to LABMED for help.

The vet determined that Isabelle's leg had been broken for several weeks and the bone had already started healing improperly. He said it would not be an easy surgery and said he was concerned that the bone had been broken for so long that it would not grow normally. The vet and the rescuer decided to go ahead with the surgery since any delay would decrease Isabelle's chances. Her surgery went very well and her vet was optimistic she would recover at least partial use of her leg. And since her rescuer worked at the vet clinic she was able to bring Isabelle to work with her and supervise her almost constantly during her recovery.

IsabelleLABMED decided to help fund Isabelle's surgery. Isabelle was recovering nicely and slowly gaining weight. Since her rescuer had learned that the little yellow Lab had been abused by her previous owner, she screened prospective adopters very carefully. A neighbor had fallen in love with Isabelle and her rescuer decided the neighbor would be able to provide a good home and she could see Isabelle often. But but it was not to be; the neighbor passed away unexpectedly and Isabelle will remain with her rescuer for good.

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