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Jack3, September, 2001

Jack3 As told by Jack's rescuer.

An Animal Control Agency in North West Ohio alerted the Lake Erie Labrador Rescue they had a large yellow Labrador they had picked up as a collarless stray from a school yard in desperate need of rescue. Three families had looked at him but none wanted a large young adult intact male with only one eye. His left eye looked like a large ripe red grape with white frosting. Other than the eye problem, this nameless stray appeared to be a healthy, exuberant, friendly Lab. We adopted him.

One-eyed Jack went immediately to our vet for vaccinations and a physical. The vet found a corneal ulcer which left untreated could mean the complete loss of the eye. I e-mailed LABMED on Saturday; on Sunday they responded; on Monday LABMED called to say Jack's surgery would be underwritten. With help from LABMED, his left eye underwent surgery to repair the corneal ulcer. Though the eye now looks much better, his sight in that eye is greatly impaired if not lost completely.

Jack and MistyJack is either a very quick study or has had some training. He enjoys walking on a leash, will chase a tennis ball for hours, likes riding in a car, and is curious about everything. One thing that does spook him is roads. He does not like to be near the street. Now neutered, he has settled in and gets along well with our other rescued Labrador, Misty.

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