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Jack4, January 2002

Jack4 Jack is a six year old male black Labrador Retriever who was rescued by the Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue organization (CCLRR) at and was fostered in Fair Oaks, California. Jack had been surrendered to the Yoho County Animal Shelter by his owners and was noticed by a rescue volunteer. He is a handsome medium-sized Lab with a friendly personality.

The rescue volunteer thought that Jack was eminently suitable for adoption except for one problem. Jack had bilateral entropian disease. This is a painful congenital condition where there is too much skin in the eyelid so that it rolls inward and hair rubs the surface of the eye. Unfortunately, poor Jack had been living with the condition his whole life. He was lucky, however, because the rubbing had not caused significant damage to the cornea (the surface of the eye), and the veterinarian believed that a simple surgery could correct this condition and permanently cure Jack.

CCLRR applied to LABMED to help them pay for the surgery and LABMED was happy to help. There was one minor complication to the surgery for Jack, however, as the active Lab managed to rub out his stitches after the surgery and had to be sedated for the surgery site to be re-sutured. With the edition of a Buster collar (those lampshade looking devices that make it look like the pet has spent too many hours partying), Jack was able to finish the recovery un-eventfully. Now that he's recovered, Jack has been adopted.

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