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Jack6, April 2004

Jack6 is the April Max's Memorial Fund Dog


Poor Jack was passed around quite a bit during his short year of life. His original owner moved from Iowa to Pennsylvania. He then found that he could not keep the dog where he was living so he attempted to find a new owner. Jack was already having ear problems and the original owner was treating the ears. A man looking for a hunting dog took Jack and the ear meds were passed along to him. Jack had some separation anxiety problems, though, and the new owner did not know how to handle this (Jack did some damage to his house when left alone). Owner #2 then tried to find a new home for Jack. Unfortunately, the next owner did not continue to care for Jack's ears. Sadly neglected in this new home, Jack's ears became much worse and he lost much of his hearing, in addition to developing a severe case of mange.

Luckily, however, Jack was rescued by an acquaintance of Owner #3. Jack's new foster mom worked with the vet to clear up Jack's infected ears and treat the mange. LABMED was happy to help pay for Jack's medical care and the good news is that Jack has made a dramatic improvement!

Once he has completely regained his health, this handsome black Lab will be ready to find a permanent new home where he will be well cared for and loved.

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