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Jewel3, September 2002


The owners of this two year old yellow Lab surrendered her to Florida Labrador Retriever Rescue when it became apparent that Jewel could not be used for breeding due to severe entropian in both eyes. �At the time she entered foster care with FLLR, Jewel was unable to open her eyes due to the irritation caused by her eyelids turning inwards. �She also had a small mast cell tumor on one ear.

FLLR contacted LABMED for help in funding surgery for Jewel to repair the entropian and remove the tumor. �At first there was some concern that Jewel would need chemotherapy following the removal of the mast cell tumor, but a consultation with an oncologist resulted in the recommendation to wait and re-test Jewel in several months, since post-surgery blood work showed no mast cells present in her system.

Jewel came through the surgery with flying colors, and proceeded to charm her rescuers with her friendly and loving personality. �She will make a perfect pet and companion for some lucky family!

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