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Jinx, November 2002


For most of us, the story is all too familiar�we know a friend, a family member, or perhaps a neighbor who discovers that their family pet is going to have puppies. The lucky ones have families who interview families, and look for suitable homes.

A litter of puppies born to a black lab in Kingstree, South Carolina share this story with many others, except this one has a very special twist. Two of the puppies, Jinx and Grace, were born with a vascular ring anomaly, a malformation in the esophagus, which made them unable to keep their mother�s milk down. This condition can be devastating to experienced breeders, but to the humans taking care of the family pet�s litter, the answer for sickly puppies is almost always an unhappy one.

Fortunately, a caring neighbor and her mother took Jinx and Grace into their care, and began to research a way to help the ailing pups. She contacted LABMED shortly before the September 2002 funding crisis, and asked for partial funding of Jinx�s surgery to correct his problem, paying out-of-pocket for Grace and the balance of Jinx, so that LABMED could help more dogs even as funds dipped low.

Both Jinx and Grace had their corrective surgeries, and they are doing great. Jinx is eating whole food without any real problems and the vet said he is "healthy as a horse". His sister Grace is also making progress, and after her surgery, prognosis for long-term recovery is excellent. Thanks to caring neighbors and a little help from LABMED, a familiar situation had an uncommonly great ending!

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