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Koki, July 1999

Koki Koki is a beautiful young chocolate female who had a rough start in the first couple years of her life. Koki shared a tiny 3' X 5' pen with two other big dogs and was most likely abused and neglected by her owner.

Her story in the words of her rescuer, "The plight of the three dogs was disclosed to our friend by a work associate who had been asked to shoot the three dogs. Koki was the intended first execution by gun. When the man prepared to shoot her, she made the universal dog 'shake hands' motion, causing the man to be unable to carry through. He then started the process of finding willing foster homes for the three dogs. Koki's innate sweet disposition vouchsafed her own life and the lives of her to companions in misery."

All three dogs were place with the appropriate breed rescue organizations. When she was rescued, Koki suffered from severe dermatitis and heartworm infestation, both of which have been successfully treated. But then it became apparent that Koki was limping. She was diagnosed with severe bilaterial hip dysplasia and needed bilateral FHO (femoral head osteomony) to allow her to live a pain free life. LABMED agreed to fund Koki's hip surgery to help her become more adoptable.

Her rescuers are confident that with her amazing disposition and her restored health, Koki will quickly be placed in a new, permanent home.

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