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Lacey2, March 2003


At age 13, this 80-pound yellow Lab was sold by a breeder to a buyer who decided they didn't want her. Poor Lacey, now an unwanted senior orphan, found herself homeless in a shelter. No longer able to fulfill her role as a brood bitch, Lacey, who had produced 5 litters in her lifetime, wasn't even wanted by the breeder she had served.

Fortunately for Lacey, the Senior Canine Rescue Society came to her aid. An examination revealed that Lacey had decayed teeth and receded gums, which were the result of severe neglect. With appropriate care, however, Lacey would have greatly improved quality of life and longevity. SCRS was determined to see that Lacey got the care she deserved, which consisted of pre-op bloodwork, antibiotics and dental x-rays, followed by dental surgery.

Thanks to the wonderful Senior Canine Rescue Society, Lacey got the medical attention and TLC she deserved. When SCRS contacted LABMED for help in funding Lacey's treatment, we were pleased to contribute a portion of her veterinary fees. In fact, turning Lacey's life around was enormously gratifying to everyone who participated in this sweet Lab's rescue and care!

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