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Liam, January 2004


On Saturday, December 14th most people would be out holiday shopping. On this particular day, a volunteer with DFW Lab Rescue received a phone call on her cell phone from the Haltom City Animal Control informing her that an injured dog had just been dropped off by a city resident.�The dog required immediate emergency care for a 4" gash in his neck.�The DFW Lab Rescue volunteers were even surprised ... when they picked up the dog from the shelter the 4" gash was not 4" long as they had thought... it was 4" deep!

Emergency surgery was performed to clean and close the gash in Liam's neck that began near the back of his left ear and ended near that back of his right jaw.�LABMED was pleased to be able to help fund Liam�s surgery. His foster home, a long-time DFW Lab Rescue volunteer, was nothing short of amazed at this (approximately) 8 month old Lab's disposition.�He did not appear to have any anxiety or long-term issues from his "incident".�His story was put on their internet site and caught the eye of a family who had adopted from DFW Lab Rescue 5 years ago.�Within one month of being hurt and left for dead, Liam began his life in his forever home with a big brother who was also a DFW Lab Rescue dog.� He is a very, very happy young Lab who is very thankful to be alive.

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