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Lightweight, December 2002

Story written by: Applicant, Kris Hall
and Shadow's adopter, Lynn...


Lightweight's rescuers found her hiding in the hay room of their barn one chilly night in November. She was severely emaciated and had the worst case of mange you could imagine - her whole body was covered in bloody sores and her poor sweet eyes just begged for some help. Lightweight went to the vet, where she was diagnosed with a severe case of demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection. Thankfully, no heartworms!! Treatment (and lots of good food) started immediately for this 9 month old girl, and her rescuers began the search for her forever home, knowing they couldn't keep her themselves.

Lightweight, now Shadow

Help was closer than they thought, and a friend named Lynn was able to take Lightweight into her loving care and continue her treatments. Lynn has two other dogs, a couple of horses, and a cat, so Lightweight has some good friends to recuperate with.

Shadow with Friend


Slowly, she is winning her battle with the mange and the awful sores are being replaced with shiny black fur! Lynn says she is a wonderful, sweet loving dog but still very timid and skittish. Who knows what living conditions she had before she found help. It has been a long road, and she still hasn't reached the end, but with LABMED's help, Shadow has a great chance at a long, healthy life. Thanks LABMED!!!!

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