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Lucas2, January, 2000

Lucas2 Lucas is a young intact male Labrador Retriever who allowed his hormones to get the better of him and wandered away from home one day. He was picked up by the local animal control and languished at the animal shelter for one week before one of the shelter's volunteers decided he was such a wonderful dog that he needed a second chance.

Unfortunately, either Lucas had been wandering for awhile, or his former owners had never put him on heartworm preventive and he turned out to be heartworm positive. This is where LABMED entered the story. Lucas' rescuer didn't want anything to stop this wonderful dog from finding his forever home, so she contacted LABMED to help fund his treatment. LABMED spoke with the veterinarian who examined Lucas who confirmed that Lucas was "a really sweet, wonderful Lab who's going to make somebody a great dog" and assured LABMED that his prognosis was excellent with treatment.

Lucas2 Lucas came through the treatment with only mild lethargy and was soon ready to be neutered (so that his hormones couldn't rule his head and send him roaming again) and find his forever home. Lucas' hopes were soon met when a family with a large fenced yard and looking for an inside dog fell in love with him! Now Lucas is snuggling with his new forever family and doing Labrador "butt-tucks" around his huge fenced yard.

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