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Lucky11, September 2003

Lucky11 is the September Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


Although Lucky was a typical, friendly and exuberant Lab, whenever the big chocolate boy became excited he started to cough heavily. This is no doubt why his owners relinquished him to the Paulding County, GA, animal shelter: such a cough is highly likely the result of heartworm infestation.

Georgia Lab Rescue saved Lucky from an uncertain fate at the shelter, but needed assistance in paying for Lucky's high-risk heartworm treatment. Lucky is one of the many Labs whose heartworm treatment was funded with help from LABMED. Prevention of heartworms is easy - all that is required is a responsible owner to provide a monthly dose of heartworm preventative. This kills the immature worms in a dog's blood and keeps them from developing into mature heartworms. Killing the adult worms is very stressful for a dog, requiring hospitalization and weeks of limited activity to prevent damage to the lungs as the adult heartworms die.

Lucky's heartworm treatment got off to a rough start - at one point he needed to be put on a ventilator due to excessive coughing. But Lucky did survive the treatment and is now well on the road to recovery. Soon he will be ready to find a wonderful new family to share his love for life!

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