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Lucky12, July 2003

Lucky12 is a Pecos' Memorial Fund Dog.


This young black Lab's story had a very un-lucky start! Lucky had evidently been wandering as a homeless stray for some time when he chose the wrong female dog to approach with decidedly amorous intentions. The owner of the female dog was not amused and discouraged Lucky by shooting him in the back with a "razor arrow".

Seriously wounded and looking for help, this time Lucky picked the right house to approach. The owners of the house in Bates City, MO, were shocked by Lucky's gaping wound and promptly took him to a vet for treatment. Lucky's wound was cleaned and sutured and a drain was inserted to speed the healing process. Fortunately, the wound seemed to have affected only the soft tissues on Lucky's back, and with antibiotics and good nursing care, Lucky should make a fine recovery. LABMED was pleased to be able to help with Lucky's medical bills.

Lucky's story does have a lucky ending. The kind rescuers who took Lucky in and provided medical care for him have decided to adopt him permanently!

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