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Lucy5, January, 2002

Lucy5Eight week old Lucy was in danger of not living to see her first birthday. After her owners injured her in a car accident, they took Lucy to their veterinarian asking to have her euthanized. Instead, the treating veterinarian asked the owners to release the dog to her so she could repair the injury giving Lucy a chance of living a normal lifespan.

Besides a broken rear leg, Lucy was found to have hookworms, coccidia and anemia so was also treated for those problems. The vet contacted a woman she knew was active in a Lab Rescue for assistance with the bills and help in finding a foster home and permanent placement for Lucy. This volunteer applied to LABMED for funding of surgery to fix Lucy's broken leg. The orthopedic surgeon who reviewed Lucy's x-rays recommended amputation of the leg as her knee was so badly damaged that he did not feel it could be repaired successfully. Lucy came through her surgery with flying colors and adjusted quickly to getting around on three legs.

Lucy5Thanks to the kindness of the vet, who treated her injuries rather than euthanizing her, and with funding help from LABMED, Lucy was given a second chance and now has a new home and a new name (Libby).

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