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Maggie7, January 2003


Imagine how scared and lost this little black female puppy felt as she wandered the streets of Hammond, LA. Only about 12 weeks old when she was taken to the local animal control shelter, this brave little pup somehow never lost her faith and trust in the goodness of humans, and quickly won the hearts of rescuers from the Humane Society of LA Northshore Chapter. Placed in a loving foster home, Maggie turned out to be a sweet and friendly puppy with a gentle disposition.

Sadly, shortly after she was placed in foster care, Maggie became listless and began to vomit frequently. Taken promptly to an emergency clinic, she was diagnosed with a parvovirus infection. Gravely ill, Maggie battled on and with the help of IV fluids, antibiotics and loving care, she eventually overcame this often fatal infection. LABMED was contacted and helped to pay for Maggie's extensive veterinary care.

Maggie will soon be ready for a home and family of her own - no more wandering the streets for this pup! Maggie has demonstrated an unusual affinity for cats - perhaps she had a good experience with some friendly cats while she was wandering the streets? We'll never know, but if Maggie could talk, she would have some amazing tales to tell, no doubt!

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