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Mandy2, August 2002


At just 2 years of age and 33 pounds, Mandy2, a female black Lab, was found lying in a ditch after being struck by a motor vehicle. A woman who heard her cries moved Mandy2 to her front lawn, where she tied her outside, hoping the owner would drive by and recognize the injured Lab. Then another compassionate neighbor took it upon himself to take Mandy2 to a veterinarian for help with her injuries. Mandy2 was suffering from 7 fractures in her pelvis and a laceration in her right leg. And it was clear that she had had puppies within the last 6 months.

Mandy2's rescuer described her as "the calmest, most affectionate animal I have ever encountered. A big baby! Except she is really interested in rabbits!" With a good prognosis expected, a foster application in progress, a veterinarian willing to grant a rescue discount, and a rescuer kind enough to pay part of Mandy2's medical fees, LABMED was eager to provide the balance. The goal was simply to give Mandy2 a second chance for a good life with a loving, responsible owner--and time for lots of sweet rabbit-chasing dreams!

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