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Max11, May 2003


Lost and hungry and covered in fleas, Max was running loose in the middle of a busy street in Los Angeles. His rescuers stopped their car, rounded up the yellow Lab-mix, and took him home with them. All of their efforts to locate Max's former owner were unsuccessful.

The next stop was a visit to the vet. Then came the alarming news that a large growth on Max's left rear leg was probably cancerous and needed to be removed surgically. Although the tumor was successfully removed and chest x-rays showed that the cancer had not spread to the lungs, the pathology report indicated that Max had a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

A consultation with a veterinary oncologist came next to consider whether Max's leg should be amputated to eliminate the spread of the cancer.


The oncologist was able to enroll Max in a clinical study investigating ways to stimulate the immune systems of dogs with cancer. If the treatment turned out to be successful, Max would not need to have his leg amputated. Meanwhile, Max's rescuers were busy raising funds to pay for the initial surgery, and LABMED was happy to be able to provide partial funding for Max's care.

Hopefully, the treatment will work and Max's leg will be spared. Meanwhile, Max has recovered nicely from his surgery and is thoroughly enjoying his new life as a pampered pet!

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