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Max12, September 2003


Little Max had only been in his new home for a few days when he became severely ill with vomiting and diarrhea.�When it became clear that this was not just a puppy digestive upset, Max's new owner rushed him to the vet. There the little black Lab puppy was diagnosed with a parvo virus infection - an often fatal condition - as well as a severe respiratory infection.

Max spent 6 long days in the veterinary hospital, receiving IV fluids, medication to keep him from vomiting, and antibiotics to combat the respiratory infection. Happily, Max made a complete recovery! The staff at the vet clinic raved about the sweet nature of the 3 month old puppy and commented on how well he had tolerated the invasive treatments he had to endure.

Having rushed to make sure that Max received the treatment he needed to survive, Max's new owner was then faced with a mountain of veterinary bills. She contacted LABMED for assistance, and we were happy to be able to help fund the life-saving treatment that Max had received.�Max is now romping and playing and getting into mischief like a Lab puppy should! We wish him a long and happy life with his new owner.

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