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Memphis, September 2002

MemphisI met Memphis at the Memphis Animal Shelter. He was a sad, lonely boy and seemed very hopeless. He had been at the shelter for 3 weeks. Memphis was wearing tags and his owner was contacted several times. But the owner did not come although he knew Memphis was to be euthanized.

The week I got Memphis, we were arranging transport for 2 Labs from the same shelter and were planning to send Memphis with them. However, Memphis had heartworms and needed treatment. We are a new rescue group and needed help paying for his treatment. Members of the LabsR4U e-mail list told me I should contact LABMED. LABMED agreed to help. Without them, Memphis might not have received the treatment he needed.

Our vet gave us a rescue discount, and kept Memphis for 2 days. I still don't know why the owner did not come to pick up this wonderful dog. He is a big lab, with a HUGE heart. He loves everything he sees, people, dogs, cats. His face makes you smile.

Memphis had a severe case of heartworm, and it has been touch and go for many days. He was really tired and coughed up blood; one night we had to rush him to the emergency because he couldn't breath. But like I said, he has a HUGE heart and he is hanging in there for us. Several times, I knew he didn't want to eat, but then he would take a bite, as if he knew he had to eat to get well.

With the help of LABMED, Memphis is a healthy boy now. Memphis is now in his forever home, complete with a doggy brother and three cats.

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