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Mingo, August, 2001

Mingo While at the Kershaw County Animal Shelter looking at a Labrador retriever that had been attacked by a pack of dogs, Lowcountry Lab Rescue was asked to evaluate a black Labrador that had just been turned into the shelter by his owner. The staff recognized that something was wrong with his eyes and that they would not be able to get the medical treatment that he needed. The Rescue volunteer immediately realized that this sweet, but scared, black male Labrador needed to have surgery to correct entropian, a painful condition where the eyelids roll in toward the eyeball. LABMED was contacted to request help funding the surgery for the dog, now named Mingo after a black water cypress swamp in South Carolina. Once the surgery was performed, Mingo was transferred to Lab Rescue of NC, who had a potential home waiting for him.

In addition to the medical condition, it became apparent that Mingo had been left outside, probably in a pen with little human interaction and socialization. Even though he was about 18 months old, he had never been in a house and had to be housetrained and learn manners. Through the efforts of his fabulous foster mom in NC, Mingo was readied for his new home.

From Mingo's (now Elvis) new parents:
My husband and I both work and did not like leaving our six-month-old lab alone during the day. Chewie has tons of energy and needed a playmate. However, we couldn't handle another puppy. A friend of mine directed me to the website of Lab Rescue of North Carolina. I would have taken any of them! Mingo was the first dog we met. Carl, Chewie and I drove up to his foster home to visit and see if we would be compatible. Chewie and Mingo (now called Elvis) got along great. It was important for us to make sure they were comfortable together. Now they are constantly together-they even cuddle up in the same dog bed!

Elvis did have some adjusting to do. He ate sparingly and usually only out of our hands. He had never been on a leash and did not know the basics like "sit" and "down". Within a month Elvis ate like most dogs do and could follow a number of commands. He was truly becoming a member of the family. We have had Elvis almost three months now. He is extremely affectionate. He is the type of dog that always has to touch you. He cuddles, nuzzles, and is happy to roll over on his back for belly scratches. We are so fortunate to have come across such a loving dog.

Elvis and Chewie are perfect together. Elvis was the perfect addition to our family. You would never guess he was the same dog described at the animal shelter. He is so trusting and avid to please. Other than a little droopiness in his eyes, he shows no signs of having eye trouble. People are always commenting on how beautiful our dogs are. After Elvis, we don't know if we could ever start with a puppy again. There are too many wonderful dogs like Elvis out there who need a place to live.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in keeping these dogs healthy, happy and alive!

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