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Miracle, January 2002

Miracle Miracle, a four-month-old, black Lab pup, belonged to the neighbor of a Golden Retriever rescuer with Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue (MTGRR). The rescuer became concerned about this pup because she could not use a back leg and the other dogs were stepping all over her. Miracle was in great pain. Miracle's rescuer could not let the pup stay where she was, so she talked with the owner and got the pup. Miracle was taken to the vet immediately.

Miracle's vet did x-rays and diagnostic tests, which LABMED was happy to fund. He decided that the problem was neurological and put the pup on prednisone. Within a couple of days, Miracle was getting around much better and was no longer in pain.

At last report, Miracle was doing well. She still had some problems with her right back leg, but it was no longer painful. Miracle's rescuer was happy with her progress, and hopeful that she would begin to use the leg more.

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