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Missy2, December, 1999

Missy2 It was a sad start to the holiday season for Missy, a one year old black female Lab. In the middle of December, she darted out into the street and was hit by a car, breaking her leg and fracturing her pelvis in three places. the driver of the car, although he was not at fault, felt very sorry about the accident and was determined to help Missy in any way he could.

Missy's owners gave her into the care of the local humane society. The driver of the car then contacted a good friend of his for help. The friend found LABMED on the internet and Missy's rescue moved into high gear! An orthopedic specialist was consulted, and it was decided that Missy's badly broken leg could be saved. After five hours of surgery, Missy emerged with multiple plates, screws and wires holding her shattered bones in place. The next morning she was up and wagging her tail!

Missy's help came from many directions in addition to LABMED: the local humane society arranged for Missy's medical care and paid for her spay surgery; the driver of the car donated some funds and raised some more; several vets discounted and donated services; and the orthopedic specialist worked his surgical miracles for half his usual fee.

Missy recuperated at the vet clinic until early January. The hospital manager reported that the staff had fallen in love with Missy and was making sure that she had a joyous holiday. In a very happy ending, the brother of one of the vets who treated Missy came to visit for the holidays. He and his family met Missy and decided to adopt her. Now Missy has a big fenced yard, three kids to romp with, and -of course- a personal vet on 24 hour call!

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