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Mocha3, May 2005

As written by Mocha3's applicant:

After surviving the deadly 2004 hurricane season Mocha, a chocolate Lab mix, became homeless. Along with many other animals that were also abandoned Mocha was taken into a shelter in Alabama.

Because of shelter overcrowding Mocha was among many animals to be shipped from the storm stricken Southeast to other destinations around the country.

From Alabama Mocha was then shipped to Montana where a shelter worker adopted her for her mother-in-law in Oregon. After living in Oregon for a month her new owner was unable to take care of her. She was then adopted by a family with four children who were looking for a family pet. She had a rough transition time with a few behavior problems and some housetraining problems. A well dog check up revealed that while Mocha was current with all of her shots Mocha was also heartworm positive and had a severely cracked tooth. When doing the preliminary x-rays to determine the stage of the heartworm the x-ray showed that Mocha had been shot with a shotgun and still had around thirty pellets in her. Luckily her organs hadn't been damaged by the shot.


The heartworm appeared to be at the beginning of the second stage and was showing a few symptoms. This is where LABMED stepped in and contributed to Mocha's heartworm treatment. The heartworm treatment recovery time lasted a bit longer then predicted, but with each step along the way Mocha gained more energy and was on her road to recovery.

After the heartworm treatment was finished her tooth was extracted and Mocha was able to eat much easier. Today Mocha is a very happy, sweet and normal dog who is adored by all who are around her. Her family is so happy that Mocha was not only able to be saved but also has overcome ALL of her problems. Now she is a happy member of her new family. She is now enjoying playing ball, going for walks, being in parades (she won first place in the Fourth of July parade), playing with friends (especially Rocky the poodle next door) and going for rides in the car!


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