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Molly4, October, 1999

Molly was a small, one year old black Lab with a severely broken hind leg. Fortunately for her, she strayed into the area near a medical facility, and was observed by the folks who worked there. They were able to catch her, and took her to a nearby emergency vet. They diagnosed her with a comminuted fracture of her tibia and fractured fibula on her right hind leg, gave her pain medication and treated her for worms.

Cheryl, a nurse at the medical facility where Molly was found, fell in love with the black dog and wanted to provide her a forever home. She took Molly to a recommended Veterinarian to investigate repair of the broken leg, but after examination, the Vet recommended Molly see a specialist. The specialist stated that Molly needed a complicated repair procedure and was kind enough to offer a generous discount, but the bill for the surgery Molly needed was still a daunting one. Cheryl and her co-workers had pitched in to pay for Molly's emergency medical care, and they began collecting funds for her surgery as well. Cheryl also applied to LABMED for assistance, which we were happy to provide.

Molly's surgery occurred in early November, and by December she had recovered. Cheryl was overjoyed by Molly's recovery and with her wonderful, playful personality. In her words, "She is a joy!"

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