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Molly5, January, 2000

MollyMolly was a young black lab who was dumped at a kill shelter in Ohio in November of 1999. Rescued in December by Mystic Haven Ohio Rescue, an organization that typically deals with Boxers, her story was posted on an Internet bulletin board, where it was seen by a family living in Wisconsin. Transportation was arranged, and Molly arrived at her new home on January 9th.

Molly seemed fine at first, but fell ill a few days later. First she stopped eating, then she stopped drinking and began to vomit. The vet took x-rays looking for a stomach blockage and also discovered a high amount of whip worms. The worms were treated and Molly was sent home, but she continued to vomit. Back at the vet, Molly was put on IV's to treat dehydration, and a series of barium x-rays was then performed, but no blockages were found. At this point, the vet ran blood work, and found that Molly had Parvo. Antibiotic treatment began immediately, and after three days Molly was allowed to return home to her family.

Molly's family was overjoyed to have her back and on the road to recovery, but the vet bills that had accumulated were daunting. They paid as much of them as they could, and applied to LABMED for assistance. Because Molly was a recent rescue, we were happy to fund the requested portion of her treatment and do our part in helping Molly live "happily ever after."

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