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Molly9, September 2002


Molly, a 50-pound yellow Lab probably less than 2 years old at the time she was found, was hit by a car as she wandered along a private road in Tarzana, CA. Worse than the accident itself, the driver ignored her plight and left her to her own resources to survive.

Molly's rescuer found this poor injured gal lying in the gutter, and she gently picked her up and took her to a shelter. Even though Molly waited five days before a veterinarian could examine her at the shelter, she displayed nothing but gentle tolerance in spite of her discomfort.

Following a veterinary examination, Molly was found to have multiple fractures on the right side of her pelvis. Throughout the exam and at every moment during her rescue and care, she was consistently sweet and loving. The treating veterinarian said that with the insertion of a plate to stabilize the fractured pelvis, Molly's prognosis was excellent. He said that she might recover so fully that no one would be able to tell she had been injured!

Although Molly's rescuers could not give Molly her forever home, they made sure she got surgery and provided half of the deposit. They also promised to find her foster care until a "forever home" could be located. With such a committed rescuer, a great prognosis,  and a kind veterinarian who was willing to grant a rescue discount, LABMED was happy to contribute part of Molly's veterinary fees.

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