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Monty, May 2004

Monty is the May Max's Memorial Fund Dog


Monty was found by chance when his rescuer was driving from Charleson, SC, to Myrtle Beach and noticed a beautiful yellow Lab trotting along the side of the highway. Monty had evidently been on his own for some time - he was very thin, covered with ticks and extremely wary of people. It took his rescuer over an hour to coax Monty into his car. Having just lost his own dog to cancer, Monty's rescuer decided right away to adopt him.

When Monty was taken to a vet, he tested positive for heartworms and LABMED was approached for help in funding the treatment. Before his treatment could take place, however, Monty slipped out an open door and disappeared! Extensive efforts on the part of his new owner to find him again were to no avail, and it seemed that Monty was gone for good. But amazingly, one month later, Monty was picked up by the local animal control and before long he was home again, safe and sound.

Monty is expected to make a good recovery from his heartworm treatment and his new owner is looking forward to many happy years with the now healthy and happy Monty.

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