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Nino, September 2002


Nino is a 5-year-old Labrador who, along with his Rottweiler companion, was turned into a shelter because the owner was moving. At the shelter it was noted that Nino favored one of his hind legs and had difficulty standing up and lying down.

Nino was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament that had likely gone untreated for many months, since arthritic changes had already occurred. He also had a large open wound (a "lick" granuloma) on his front paw. Fortunately for Nino, a kind rescuer took him in and arranged for surgery to repair the torn ligament. After a lengthy recovery, Nino was ready to find a new home.

According to Nino's rescuer, finding the right home was a challenge because he had trouble with the adjustments he was forced to make when his owners abandoned him. He had separation anxiety, and the first time he was adopted out, he nearly re-injured his leg when he climbed a chain link fence. He also was able to bend crates at his will and escape! He just wanted to be with people rather than be alone.

Because of the challenges of finding him the right home, volunteers at Southern California Lab Rescue took over the task of finding him an appropriate forever home. Thanks to their efforts, Nino now has a home where he can go everywhere with his owners. He has a little arthritis in his knee, but otherwise he is doing well and has had no further trouble with separation anxiety. Thanks to his caring rescuer, and with help from LABMED and SCLRR, Nino is now a happy, well-loved Labrador!

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