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Noah, January 2008


Noah is a Lab who did not go thru a flood but did find himself abandoned at a storage warehouse. The warehouse employees wanted to call city animal control (a certain death sentence for the chocolate Lab) but a man who was at the storage warehouse that day took him and brought him to the home of a retired friend who was a Lab lover.

Noah was taken to a vet for a check up and was found to be in good shape but suffering from heartworms - an all too common problem for dogs not kept on prevention . The retired man called a local Lab rescue group who they said they could not afford to take a dog with heartworms but if he was treated they may be able to find him a home. They suggested he contact LABMED. Fortunately LABMED was able to fund most of Noah's heartworm treatment and at last report he had been treated and was enjoying some quiet house time while recovering .

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