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Ophelia, July 2003


This sweet little black puppy was about four months old when she was found lying in a yard in Memphis, TN. Ophelia was so calm and friendly that her rescuer didn't realize at first that the pup had been injured. It was only when Ophelia was unable to stand that it became evident that her leg was broken. She had most likely been hit by a car.

A visit to the vet revealed that Ophelia not only had a broken leg but also a broken hip and fractured pelvis. Ophelia needed the services of an orthopedic specialist to put her back together again. Her rescuer did extensive fund-raising to help cover the medical bills and LABMED was asked to assist also. We were happy to be able to contribute to getting little Ophelia back on her feet again.

Ophelia will need a second surgery to remove the pins that were inserted to stabilize her leg and hip. After that, a full recovery is expected and Ophelia will be ready to find a permanent new home. Ophelia's guardian angel must have been watching over her since the puppy picked just the right yard to crawl into after she was injured!

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