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Otis, October 2000

Otis was found lying on a city street after he had evidently been hit by a car. The local animal control transported him to an emergency clinic where a temporary splint was placed on his leg. Otis was then taken to the nearest animal shelter where he waited in vain for his owners to claim him.

When his stray-hold time was up, Otis was rescued from the shelter by a volunteer with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. A visit to the vet brought the unwelcome news that Otis's leg had started to heal improperly. The vet needed to rebreak the fractured tibia and insert a pin in order for proper healing to take place. A foster home was found that could care for Otis while he recovered from surgery, so a search for the needed funds began. LABMED, Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, and PSLRA Lab Rescue all contributed to providing a second chance for Otis!

Otis bounded back from his surgery and settled down happily in his foster home with a Boxer buddy to keep him company. His foster mom found to her delight that Otis was housebroken and knew some basic obedience commands. Although his recovery was not uneventful - at one point Otis chewed off the upper third of his cast - he did make good progress after the surgery. A few days after the pin was removed from his leg, Otis met his adoptive "dad" who had been looking for months for a dog just like Otis! We wish both of them a long and happy life together.

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