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Pansy, July 2002

Pansy's story as told by her rescuer:

Pansy Pansy's story begins approximately March 30th 2002 when she made her way into this world with her 3 brothers and 3 sisters, all of them yellow labs. Her mom gave birth to them all alone and unwanted in a barn in Utah. When the pups were about 4 days old they were found and turned into the custody of Brigham City Animal Control. Animal Oasis took them from the animal shelter into their program. They spent their time in a free run area at the Oasis sanctuary.

When the pups were 8 weeks old they were taken to the veterinarian to be spayed or neutered. And that is when Pansy's problem was found. The veterinarian knew that she had something wrong with her heart; he suspected Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) and suggested that she be given an ultrasound to confirm his diagnosis. It was discovered that she did indeed have PDA, a serious heart defect that could lead to heart failure.

Pansy needed surgery and quickly. Veterinarians in the area were called for quotes on the price of the procedure. The problem was that even at the discounted rate performing the surgery would critically deplete the funds of the Animal Oasis. Without surgery Pansy would die of heart failure and with the surgery she would be normal.

Pansy and siblings with friendsAfter 8 weeks of caring for her and her siblings, watching them grow from squeaky little mice to beautiful little butterballs, there was no other choice to be made. Pansy had from the very start been one of our favorites. She was a feisty little runt who was very outgoing. She was always the first one to come running when she would see us coming to feed her. She loved to play in the water and drag sticks around. We loved her dearly.

With LABMED's help Pansy had her surgery. She came through the procedure like a champ. The only complication was that she had some diarrhea after surgery and it tested positive for Parvo. And none the worse for wear, Pansy was ready to start her new life.

A daughter of one of the veterinary technicians saw Pansy at the hospital and fell immediately in love. They applied for adoption on the spot and Pansy (now called Paris) was on her way to her new forever home.

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