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Patchouli, January 2003


A notice was posted at a vet clinic in Grant's Pass, OR, about a young black Lab who had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. No owner could be found to claim the injured dog. Luckily for Patchouli, a client of the vet clinic saw the posted notice and took a personal interest in helping this sweet pup. An adoptive home turned up quickly, but the prospective adopter could not afford the needed surgery. Patchouli's rescuer went to the Internet for help:

"I was looking for info on broken femurs so I could understand more about the surgery and prognosis and I was reading a story and at the end it had your website listed. So I went to it and was so excited because I felt I could get help in making this wonderful dog a healthy whole dog again as I had already found a wonderful home for her. The next step was to get the funding for the operation. I had to get it done immediately because the window of time for making this surgery successful was coming to a close soon according to the vet from the x-rays. The femur was broken in 3 or 4 places."

With funding help available from LABMED, Patchouli had her surgery in a timely fashion and the outlook is excellent for her to make a full recovery and to be able to run and play again. Patchouli is making a good recovery in her new home, and is looking forward to a long and happy life with her new owner.

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