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Pepsi, July, 2000

PepsiPeppertree Rescue in Albany, NY contacted LABMED for funding for a 4 month old black Lab-mix puppy girl.

Pepsi was found on the street by a passing policemen after she had apparently been hit by a car. The little puppy had numerous bruises, abrasions and a broken leg. Pepsi was treated at an emergency clinic and then sent to the shelter. The shelter in turn contacted Peppertree asking if they could take Pepsi if no owner came forward. The shelter staff was very much taken with the puppy's sweet nature and wanted to ensure that she would be well taken care of until she would be ready for a forever home.

Pepsi was not claimed and moved from the shelter to a foster home. Because Pepsi was young - and growing quickly - her foster parents needed to take her to the vet weekly for follow up care. Pepsi's cast had to be replaced often and the vet needed to treat the sore spots that developed from the cast rubbing against her leg and chest. The rescue asked LABMED to fund a part of these weekly check-ups and we were glad to be able to help Pepsi.

Pepsi's leg was healing well and the cast was taken off in August. Her foster mom noticed that her foot splayed out a bit but didn't worry too much; Pepsi had been wearing a cast for over a month and the muscles in her leg were weak. When Pepsi was taken to the vet to get spayed, her foster mom mentioned her observations. The vet examined Pepsi and didn't notice anything unusual; he told the foster mom that it would take a while for the muscles to be built back up and Pepsi's leg would improve quickly with exercise. However, another week went by and Pepsi's foot appeared to turn to the outside more and more. Pepsi's foster mom pointed this out to the vet again when she took Pepsi in to have her stitches checked and was told again that there was nothing to worry about; Pepsi would be just fine.

But she did worry and took Pepsi to a different vet to get a second opinion. This vet told her that Pepsi had a valgus deformity; the force of the injury had damaged one of the growth plates in Pepsi's leg causing the bone to grow unevenly. Pepsi would need surgery once she had finished growing; the leg would have to be re-broken and set using a bone plate and pins.

PepsiThe rescue had several applicants who were interested in adopting Pepsi - until they heard about the need for surgery. Even though Peppertree assured them they would cover Pepsi's surgery, none of the applicants wanted a dog who would need extra vet visits, nursing care and restricted activity.

One family even took Pepsi home and her foster mom thought she had found a forever home for her little puppers. But it was not to be; Pepsi's new family loved her dearly but they could not follow up on her vet appointments and the physical therapy Pepsi needed to heal properly. Pepsi is back in foster care, still looking for a forever home.

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