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Petey, November 2001


Petey was a happy go-lucky yellow Lab living in Georgia with his family when all of a sudden -- WHAM -- his life changed drastically!! His family decided to move and not take him with them. After all, Petey was four years old and past the cute puppy stage and not much fun any more. In short, he was old-stuff and not worth the time to pack him and his toys in the car. Instead, his owners would come back to the old house every night (or so) and feed him in the back yard and then go back to their new house.

Lucky for Petey someone realized the Labs are special creatures and should be better taken care of. Into Petey's life steps his wonderful rescuer who managed to get the original owners to sign over Petey to her. She then whisks lucky Petey to her Veterinarian for a full exam and grooming. The Vet found him literally infested with fleas and tapeworms. A flea bath was in order, along with medications for his intestinal worms and the yearly shots necessary to keep him healthy. Unfortunately Petey also tested positive for Heart worms. With an enlarged heart and damaged lungs due to the severity of the heart worm infestation, Petey was lucky to have been found by his rescuer. Petey's new Vet scheduled him immediately for heart worm treatments.

His rescuer, realizing now that Petey had more than just a bad case of fleas and long toe nails, turned to LABMED for help with his medical bills. LABMED agreed to help with the medical expenses incurred in the heartworm treatment. His new family was eager to help with his more routine expenses and get Petey back on his feet and healthy as every Lab should be.

Today, Petey is back to being a happy go-lucky Lab. He enjoys life as an indoor dog, lying on the couch for his noon naps, and greeting his family enthusiastically when they come home in the evenings. So, while Petey may remember being lonely, itchy, and living in the backyard, that is all behind him now. He is one Lucky Lab.

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