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Puff, January, 1999


Puff had spent most of his life tied up to a dog house, neglected and poorly fed by his owner. His emaciation had finally reached a point where his owner felt guilty enough to take him to the Hunting Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Sharon Center Ohio, where Puff stayed for 6 weeks, receiving proper meals and medical attention for his more obvious needs. Sadly, the owner couldn't come up with the funds to reimburse the clinic for all the care Puff had been receiving, and in fact told the clinic they may as well put poor Puff down.

Luckily for him, the vets didn't opt for this drastic action; instead they contacted the local SPCA in Medina Ohio, who in turn contacted the Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue. Puff's luck was beginning to change for the better! A dedicated volunteer working in conjunction with LELRR took Puff into her foster care, continuing with the program of putting the pounds back on this "bag of bones" and preparing him for adoption. It was during this time that it was noticed that Puff kept having 'accidents' which was finally diagnosed as being the result of a long-running bladder infection. Puff needed immediate treatment for this condition, and the foster care giver contacted LABMED and requested help with the treatment costs for Puff's bladder infection.

LABMED agreed to provide the necessary funds, and we're happy to report that Puff is now fully recovered and just waiting for that special adoptive home to open it's arms to Puff. We're told that although Puff is tentative when meeting new people, he warms up to affection and any interest shown to him. He really has a sweet, lab-temperament which should go far in pairing him up with that special home. LABMED was glad to play a part in the rescue solution for Puff and would also like to recognize the generous and humane contribution the Hunting Ridge Veterinary Clinic made on Puff's behalf, as well as, the efforts expended by Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue and their volunteer network.

Best of luck to you, Puff!

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