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Recee November 1999

ReceeRecee's story is a typical case that often faces us here at LABMED. Recee is a young, approximately 1.5 year old, male intact, black Labrador Retriever that was a stray brought into an impound facility in Rosemount, Minnesota. He was a happy, friendly soul who quickly won the hearts of the workers at this facility. Unfortunately, Recee tested positive for heartworms. If you have read very many of our stories, you soon realize that this disease is fairly common and widespread throughout the United States. The tragedy of this disease is that a relatively inexpensive, easy to give medication can prevent this disease. If left untreated, the disease can cause damage to the heart, and even cause death. Most shelters cannot afford to treat dogs who are infected with this parasite and these dogs are routinely euthanized.

ReceeLuckily for Recee, the impound facility in his town is a veterinary hospital. The hospital/impound facility contacted several nearby rescue organizations who, although they were full up, directed them to LABMED for funding for the heartworm treatment. One rescue, called Perfect Pets, agreed to foster Recee during his treatment.

Since Recee is a young dog and did not have any serious complications with the heartworm, his prognosis for a full recovery was excellent. The veterinary hospital/impound facility agreed to foot the bill to have him neutered and LABMED was happy to help fund his treatment and get Recee started on his journey to a forever home.

UPDATE July 2000:

Recee is in a foster home in southern Minnesota. They report that he is full of energy and doing well. He still has a little animosity towards those of the feline species, but otherwise he is wonderful. Recee's foster parents are being very selective with his applicants, they want this dog to go to the perfect forever home.

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