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Ridge, September 2002

Ridge, a young black male Lab, was taken in by the Beltrami, MN, Humane Society after he had been surrendered by his owner at the request of law enforcement and humane society workers. Ridge had a broken front leg that had started to heal badly and was twisted so that he could not put any weight on the leg. Ridge also had a severely infected injury on his neck, thought to be the result of a too-tight collar. And finally, Ridge was covered in ticks and had many small infected wounds all over his body.

Ridge needed cleaning and treatment of his wounds and amputation of his front leg. LABMED was contacted for help in paying for the medical and surgical costs of treating Ridge.�

The staff at the humane society provided this report about Ridge for LABMED:

Thank you for considering Ridge for your wonderful program! �He is indeed a very special dog. �When we picked him up that night and took him to our vet, we honestly did not know if we would be saving him or putting him to sleep if his injuries were too great. �The vet started working on him, and even through the sedatives Ridge's tail never stopped wagging. �The vet said he was a good dog, and worth every effort in saving - so we went for it! �Ridge has never ceased to amaze us with his good nature and happiness. �Ridge will be welcome at our shelter until he is adopted. �He is a favorite of the volunteers. �I honestly think he goes for more walks than the rest of the dogs, simply because he is so sweet. �He has the manners of a gentleman and has been taught many obedience commands as well.

LABMED was happy to be able to help pay for Ridge's care. Once he has received a clean bill of health, Ridge will be ready to find a very special new family of his own.

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